Social development and rural community tourism projects

WINGS is in charge of working with the communities and its strategic partners to conduct the Condor Travel rural community tourism project, a homestay initiative that has created one of the most outstanding and complete destinations of its kind in Peru thanks to the efforts focused on infrastructure and service development. The organization is managing social projects in Misminay in such a way as to build a win-win situation between the community and Condor Travel: the community is benefiting from the training, opportunities, and market access, while Condor Travel has a strategic advantage in that it can offer its passengers a truly unforgettable experience in the community without sacrificing safety and quality.

Proyecto Social development and rural community tourism projects


Water filtering system

The community is suffering from a serious lack of drinkable water since area streams and groundwater contain elevated levels of unhealthy minerals. By constructing a rainwater filtering and harvesting system, 150 families in the community will benefit from potable water, thereby improving the quality of their lives.

Proyecto Water filtering system


Carbon credits

As part of our commitment to encouraging responsible tourism, WINGS is now offering Condor Travel passengers the chance to offset their carbon footprint during their trip to South America.

Proyecto Carbon credits


Sustainable tourism certification with Rainforest Alliance

Sustainable tourism and development are attainable if we take care to balance environmental, sociocultural, and economic principles, which means understanding the relationship among social well-being, the environment, and economic growth. WINGS and Condor Travel joined forces to obtain their Rainforest Alliance verification which certifies that the organization is committed to sustainability through developing good corporate practices and executing projects that contribute to social well-being and environmental protection. The green frog seal is the tourist’s assurance that Condor Travel sustainably manages its operations.

Proyecto Sustainable tourism certification with Rainforest Alliance