WINGS ejecuta sus proyectos con el apoyo de voluntarios nacionales y extranjeros que tengan interés en brindar su tiempo, conocimiento y experiencia profesional para apoyar a otras personas a mejorar su calidad de vida. Se han identificado nueve actividades de voluntariado para cubrir algunas de las principales necesidades de la comunidad Mullak´as-Misminay. Cada actividad o trabajo dura aproximadamente un día, con posibilidad de organizar itinerarios más largos. Además, ofrecemos la oportunidad de realizar una pasantilla y trabajar como parte del equipo de Wings en el proyecto de turismo rural comunitario Mullak´as-Misminay por tiempo indefinido.


Home improvement

Families can enhance their living conditions and increase their quality of life through a few simple home improvements, like installing hygienic bathrooms, home wiring, or new flooring, and plastering the walls. Because community members have limited budgets, the usually prioritize their food and health needs and neglect other aspects that are also important for living in a safer environment.

Program Home improvement


Improved stoves

Households will now have improved stoves, making their traditional form of cooking healthier while still following ancient customs. Besides helping to reduce the amount of wood needed as fuel, these units feature exhaust pipes that funnel the smoke outside the house, an overall healthier system since household members will no longer breathe in smoke and soot. As a consequence, the use of these stoves will decrease the incidence of eye and respiratory diseases, frequent occurrences in the community, especially in children and the women who prepare the food.

Program Improved stoves


Internship with WINGS in Cusco

WINGS is currently implementing several projects and wishes to start even more. Our Cusco-based team is small, so we always welcome the assistance of volunteer interns who can contribute to the different activities in and around the city of Cusco with their knowledge and effort.

Program Internship with WINGS in Cusco


Potable water in Misminay

The community of Misminay is suffering from a lack of drinking water. There are certain soil properties that contaminate the water, making it salty and unfit for human consumption. Thanks to the installation of water tanks in the houses, the people will be able to harvest and store rain water, thus having access to potable water for use in their households.

Program Potable water in Misminay


Social aid programs at Anccoto´s school and PRONOEI sites in Misminay.

Thanks to your effort and valuable contributions, the students will see improvements in their school building, classrooms, and meals at school, as well as an increase in their access to educational materials for fortifying their educational performance. Their interaction with volunteers during play time will also be of great benefit to them.

Program Social aid programs at Anccoto´s school and PRONOEI sites in Misminay.


Organic gardens for increased food security

Community members don’t usually include vegetables, tubers, and grains in their diet because area farmers do not plant them and neither are they sold in the nearby market. By working the land and setting up an organic garden, families will have a healthier, more balanced diet, especially the children who require essential vitamins for proper physical and intellectual development.

Program Organic gardens for increased food security